Les 3eA découvrent l’exposition consacrée à la boxe au Musée du Sport à Nice

On the 6th of December, our class went to the National Sports Museum in Nice. We went there by bus and we were late because we were stuck in the traffic jams. We discovered an exhibition about boxing.

First, a guide welcomed us and taught us a lot of things during the visit. We started with the different boxing styles and the boxers’ equipment. French boxing uses both hands and feet whereas English boxing only uses the hands. As for the boxers’ equipment, we saw gloves, mouthguard, cups, shorts, and jump rope. We could see that the first gloves were big and not very comfortable.

Then, the guide talked about famous boxers like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Marcel Cerdan, Joe Louis, Tony and Estelle Yoka. We learnt that Mohammed Ali, whose real name was Cassius Clay, was famous for its »shuffle ». He was very fast. We tried to move like him but it was not that easy!

Finally, we watched some movie extracts about boxing like Million Dollar Baby, Fight Club, and Rocky.


Ethan: « According to me, the exhibition was great and interesting because I like the world of sports. I learnt a lot of things and now, I know a bit more about Mohamed Ali. At the end, we tried the punching machine. It was funny. » 

Flavio: « In my opinion, the visit was cool and instructive. The guide was at ease with teenagers. There was a good atmosphere during the visit. »

Jay:  » The visit was interesting because we talked about Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson, famous and inspiring people. »

Habiba « Even if we stayed two hours in the bus, I found this school trip interesting. I really liked it. »

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