Les 4eB racontent leur visite au Musée National du Sport à Nice

On Tuesday 6th December, our class went to the National Sports Museum in Nice. We went there by bus. It was very long to get there. We spent more than two hours in the bus because we were stuck in traffic jams!

This is what we did when we arrived. 

First, we discovered an exhibition about sports’ history. We started the visit with the Olympic Games’ history. We saw real medals. There were Camille Muffat’s medals. Camille Muffat was a professional swimmer. She was French and she grew up in Nice. Unfortunately, she died in an accident a few years ago.  We also saw Olympic torches and observed their design.

Then, Nicolas showed us the first bicycles. Some of them were really big! We also discovered the evolution of different sports’ outfits: gymnastics or athletics… Nicolas talked about Jesse Owens, who was an African American athlete. He was the first athlete who won four medals at a single Olympic Games (1936). He also talked about Suzanne Lenglen, who was a tennis player. Thanks to her, women started to wear what they wanted to play tennis.

Moreover, we could see a real racing car that belonged to Jules Bianchi, who was a French motor racing driver. He died in an accident. After his death, the Formula 1 leaders decided to improve the pilots’ protection. They created a « halo », which has already saved famous pilots like Lewis Hamilton.

We also learnt how two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler created two famous brands: Adidas and Puma.

Finally, we saw football jerseys that belonged to famous players like Zidane or Mbappé.

Maroua:  » On the one hand, I didn’t like the visit because they didn’t talk about basketball. On the other hand, I really liked it because there were Olympic medals and objects we don’t see every day ».

Sharmaine:  » Thanks to this school trip, I have discovered a lot of things about sports. The museum has unique and very expensive objects. Thanks to this visit, I know more about sports’ history. I had a lot of fun with my friends too. »

Marwen: «  I didn’t really like the excursion because I’m not interested in sports. Moreover, we were stuck in traffic jams so we couldn’t stay in the museum for a very long time. »

Anaelle: « I liked the museum because there were real Olympic medals. I found it beautiful. I also learnt a lot of things. »

Ashley: « I learnt a lot of things during the visit and had a great time with my classmates. We even took a picture with our teachers. »



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