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Who is Sarah, our language assistant?

Cette année encore, nous avons la chance d’accueillir une assistante de langues qui va faire découvrir aux élèves son pays, sa culture, in English of course! Plusieurs élèves de 5eA ont rédigé un petit article pour la présenter.

Last Friday, Sarah came to our class and introduced herself. We asked her a lot of questions! 

Her name is Sarah Bandas. She is 25 years old and comes from Austin, Texas. So, she is American!  Sarah has got one brother, who is 40 years old and 2 sisters, who are 35 and 37 years old. She lives in Cannes and she is a language assistant.

Sarah loves animals. She has got a dog, a rabbit and a cat. She also likes writing, reading, and spending some time with her friends.

Sarah isn’t sporty but she likes watching baseball. 

She loves Harry Potter but she hates horror movies! Her favourite movie is Lord of the Rings.

Sarah loves Italian food. Her favourite colour is purple.


During the class, Sarah told us how American people celebrated Halloween.

Halloween comes from the old English « All Hallows Eve » which means « the eve of all saints » because October 31st is the eve of All Saints’ Day.

In the USA, people sculpt pumpkins and children knock on neighbours’ doors and say « Trick or treat »!


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