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Have you seen Nessie around ?

Dans la continuité du travail sur les légendes, les 4e euro ont écrit la légende du monstre du Lochness, voici celle de Mathys :

A long time ago, Ian Cameron was fishing with his friends when the weather turned foggy. His friends decided to go back home but Ian wanted to stay because he had not managed to catch a single fish. It was then that he saw a shadow in the distance which looked like a whale, but it was moving in an unusual way: it seemed to be heading towards him ! Suddenly, he saw a neck about 20 feet tall in front of him. So, Ian ran as fast as he could to get home and tell his friends what he had seen. Back home, none of them believed him except Rick who agreed to go back to the lake to take some pictures of the monster so that no one would dare calling Ian a liar. Once they got there, they waited for a few seconds and the monster’s neck popped up from the lake, right in front of them. Rick managed to take a picture unfortunately, he was quickly swollen up by the monster and soon it was Ian’s turn to be eaten up.

Since then, this thing has been called the Loch Ness Monster…

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