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Professor Goggles : Odd Friends

The second chapter of George Goggles’s childhood. If you haven’t read the first one, you should !

Professor Goggles : Odd Friends

George didn’t understand how he had gotten into this situation, he was just at his favorite store, being amazed by all the latest Muggle technology… Then he had suddenly been roped into hanging out with a messy brown-haired boy, and another kid with dirty blond hair that almost went down his shoulders, George felt like that was the only way he could recognize the two boys, he wasn’t very good at faces.

Before George knew it, the blonde and him were stuck in a staring match.

“Cake! George!” Sal called, snapping his fingers between the two boys’s faces. “Are both of you on Earth right now?”

Getting his right hand out of his hoodie’s pockets and pointing his thumb towards George, the blonde questioned, “Who’s this Sal?”

Sal sighed, “I was just about to explain- George, this is Cadence, Cadence this is George!” He smiled, taking the two other boy’s hands and forcing them into a handshake. “I know the two of you will get along so great, we’ll be just like brothers! Blah blah…” Sal trailed off with his sentence, George and Cadence both tuning him out of their heads.

“Well, I hope Sal’s right…” George thought out loud, and Cadence nodded .

“Oh by the way George, you can call me Cake.”


“Yes, Cake.”

George stared at him dumbfounded, why would anyone want to be named after a pastry? Sure magical folk also had odd names, but George kept his eyes narrowed. Cake, shifted his weight, put off by George and his big bug-eyed goggles. “Will you stop staring at me like that?”

Sal laughed at Cake’s dismay, and slung with arms over the two other boys’s shoulders. The brunette had declared to “go grab some pizza with the boys”.  Whatever that meant… George wasn’t very versed in muggle culture, he’d only had a liking towards their technology.

This had been George’s first time in a Pizza Hut.

The scent of freshly baked dough, coupled with the soft cheese and the chattering of families and friends that echoed throughout the establishment, the loud game sounds that came from the arcade, it was… Overwhelming for George’s magical heart. Culture shock, is what he felt. Frozen in his seat, Cake and Sal looked concerned.

“Uhh, you good there George?”

George’s mouth, agape,  let out a shaky breath. “I can’t let them know…” He shut his mouth quickly and forced a smile and a laugh, “Ahaha, what are you on about?”

Sal and Cake weren’t convinced. “You know it looks like you’ve seen a ghost-”

“Hello dears, what can I get you?” A soft voice said, George turned to it, and saw the waitress. She had a soft smile and had bright pink hair tied up in a bun. George couldn’t help but feel like he knew her from somewhere. And the waitress seemed to notice George staring, but paid him no attention.

“Ahh… Sal, George what do you want?”

“George can decide the pizza, if I take a look at the menu I’ll end up being hungrier.” Cake continued fidgeting with his fork, “I’ll eat anything, really, go crazy George.”

“Ahah uh…” In a panic, George grabbed the menu and started flipping through it, he finally reached the page where they had all listed the pizzas. He was disappointed. What could he have expected from muggles anyways? Everything looked boring to him, weird sauce on everyone of them, and dull toppings, he sighed inwardly but his eyes landed on the Chicken Supreme… all he needed to read in it’s description was the mushrooms.

Magical mushrooms or not, George would eat any and every type of mushroom he could get his grubby magical hands on. As long as it was not poisonous, of course. He looked up from the menu, “May we order the Chicken Supreme please?”

“Of course!” She wrote it down on her notepad, “Anything else?”

Then Sal and Cake began listing off everything they wanted to have. Meanwhile George drifted off into his thoughts. Wouldn’t his parents would be worried that he just disappeared so suddenly? It was as if he remembered that he really  shouldn’t be around Muggles. While yes, Purebloods were now becoming less… against the thought of mingling with Muggles. But his parents were old fashioned. Then George realized he didn’t care and forgot he was a Pureblood for a moment, he was going to hang out with his new friends.

“GEORGE!” Sal yelled, Cake laughed, George felt himself be grounded into reality. Sal complained that the food was beginning to get cold because they took too long on trying to find out if George was awake or not. But they still ate like kings that lunch.

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