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Matthew, the fantastic language assistant !


Today, I’ve interviewed Matthew the language assistant for the English class :


Romane: Where do you come from?

Matthew: so I’m from London, I was born in London, I grew up in London, I went to School in London, everything in London.

Romane: How old are you ?

Matthew: I’m 20 years old I was born in December… December the 1st.

Romane: Do you have any family in France?

Matthew: No, my mother has spent a lot time in france for differents reasons, for work, but right now all of my family is in the UK, Australia and America.”

Romane: Have you got any brothers and sisters?

Matthew: Yes, I’ve just got one younger sister who is called Olivia and is 17 years old.

Romane: How do you keep in touch with your family?

Matthew: I call my family regularly.

Romane: Why did  you come in France?

Matthew: Well, because I study french at University so I’ve got to spend some time in France.

Romane: What’s your job ?

Matthew: So I’m a language assistant, my job is to help with your pronunciation and words .

Romane: What’s the differents between French and English schools ?

Matthew: School have lots of differences for example we don’t have UN COLLEGE, we don’t have middle school, we just have primary school and secondary school, we wear a uniform so every day I went to school with a tie jacket shirt and then we have such different exams : I took my first serious exam BREVET so for that we have GCSEs at 16 years old and then you take the BAC…BACCALAUREAT, we take A-levels.

Romane:  Thank you Matthew for answering my questions. See you later!

Matthew: My pleasure Romane!

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