Les 3è au musée du sport à Nice

Ce lundi 4 avril, les élèves de 3è suivant l’option “anglais renforcé” se sont rendus au Musée National du sport à Nice pour découvrir l’exposition temporaire consacrée à la boxe. Ils ont également étudié les différentes techniques cinématographiques utilisées dans les films pour représenter ce sport. Dans cet article, vous découvrirez ce qu’ils ont fait et ce qu’ils ont pensé de cette sortie. Bonne lecture!


Last Monday, we went to a museum dedicated to sports in
Nice, and discovered their temporary exhibition about boxing. We also studied how boxing was represented in movies and media.

First, our guide (whose name is Jonathan) gave us a sticky note and asked us to write down what first came to our mind when we thought about the word “boxing”. Most of us wrote things like “violence”, “gloves”, “strong”…

Then, we analysed movies extracts about boxing like Rocky, Ali, Million Dollar Baby. It was interesting to discover how movie directors

De beaux objets dans l’exposition temporaire dédiée à la boxe.

portrayed the pain boxers had to endure as well as the beauty of the sport.

During the second part of the visit, we discovered the exhibition dedicated to famous boxers. There were also many objects, paintings and videos about boxing. Jonathan explained the evolution of the rules of that sport, the equipment that boxers used during training or in competition. The first boxer we studied was Jack Johnson, a Black American who fought not only on the ring, but also against segregation at that time in the USA. He won a famous match
against a white boxer and this was a symbol for Black people in the USA.

Obviously, we talked about Mohamed Ali. I learnt that his real name was “Cassius Clay”, but he decided to change his name. His “old” name was inherited from when his grandparents were slaves. Mohamed Ali was different from other boxers. He often played mind games on his opponents and played defensively. He was very resistant and tough.

Finally, there was a punching machine and each student could try to punch it. It was funny.


Now, let’s read the students’ opinions!

Andreia: “I loved this exhibition because it portrayed the ups and downs of boxing. It showed us how boxing has developed by generations and generations of fighters, the stereotypes that existed and are still alive. I also enjoyed the punching ball machine that gave us points. I only regret we didn’t see how women proved their place in this sport”.

Laith: “I loved the first part about how the cinema explored boxing because I discovered new movies. It was also very interesting to see old champion boxers, like Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali. I also loved punching in a punching ball. I had a good score, close to my PE teacher’s”.

Sirine: “I found the first part a bit boring but I really liked the second part of the visit. I was impressed by Primo Carnera’s shoes which were so
big! I learnt more about the boxing world”.

Eurika: “I found this school trip very interesting. I didn’t really like the first part because I’m not that interested in cinema techniques but I learned some useful information. The exhibition was really well organised, neat, pleasant, and well-decorated. So I really loved it and I was able to take picture for memories. This experience makes me want to visit other museums”.

Zilainy: “I really liked this exhibition, it was amazing to see all these medals and learn about boxing. The fact that they put a ring in one of room was a really good idea. In the beginning, I was a little bit bored but I fell in love with all the objects from the exhibition then.”

Elina: “The visit was interesting but I don’t like violent sports and blood. I preferred the second part of the visit, the setting was wonderful, I loved the ring and listening to Eminem’s song”.

À la fin de la visite, la récompense pour les élèves!

Mathys :” I enjoyed the first part when we studied movies extracts because it was fun and taught us different camera techniques”.

Emma: “I loved everything, it was interesting! I learned that boxing in movies and in the real life are different. The musics, the decorations, the lights were amazing”

Karen: “I was bored sometimes and I thought we would talk more about how women managed to fit in boxing. However, the exhibition was interesting”.

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