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My penpals

Hello, today I’m going to introduce my 3 penpals.

My first penpal is Pratham. He is 14 years old, he was born on the 28 September and he lives in Kenya with his parents and his brother.

He likes travelling in summer with his family but he hates doing his homework. His favorite movie is “Avenger End Game”.

Now I’m going to talk about his country. There are 44,037,656 inhabitants in Kenya. Its currency is the Kenyan shillings.  The population speaks English and Swahili. The capital is Nairobi and most people are Christians.

My second  penpal is Jack Davis. He is 14 years-old and he lives in Canton, Massachusetts in the USA.

He plays American Football For the Canton High School. His Favourite colour is Green. Like me he likes Snapchat, Instagram and playing Xbox.

Finally, my third  Penpal is a Girl. Her name is Ella. She lives in the Usa with her mom, her dad, and her 3 sisters. She is 14 years old.

She likes playing soccer. She has got brown hair, a dog whose name is Ireland and her favourite color is Purple.


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