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In this article, I’m going to talk about American schools.

All American schools are different. Nevertheless, we can find similarities like sports team or mascots. By the way, mascots are usually animals which represent the schools. All schools have their own colors. It always offers options to students. Moreover, there are clubs like the drama club where students learn how to act and sing, or marching bands, or even the yearbook club. A yearbook is a book where we put the pictures of all students, as well as the year’s most important events.

In American schools we also practice some national sports like: American football, baseball or basketball. Moreover in some schools the uniform is compulsory because it symbolises equality between all students on the campus.

Students cannot wait for the end of the year and are eager for this period because there are two important events: the graduation ceremony. Normally, students wear caps and gowns with their school colors (we can see that as a traditional outfit). Graduates are called to the stage to receive individually their diploma. After receiving the diploma, they are supposed to shake the principal’s hand and quietly thank him and at the end of the rite all of the students throw their caps in sign of happiness.Then the second event is prom. Prom is a theme party with music played by school bands or a DJ, appetizers, and so on… Girls usually wear wonderful dresses and boys wear tuxedos. At the end of the prom the queen and king of prom, which were previously elected by the students, are revealed.

In my opinion, even if American schools are different from French schools, I would love to try studying there because I’m interested in other cultures, the equality principles seem something important for them as it is for me and it seems a lot more fun with more clubs etc… But on the other hand, it can just be an image that people see from the outside to hide what’s in the inside of American schools. In many movies we can see it as something great but they also have problems like us (like in the series 13 reasons why, which is a series about bullying).


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